“Motherhood has played an important role in where I'm at today and how I started this brand. Back in 2014, I remember surviving my first year of marriage and motherhood. Being a mom and a home maker is not always easy. We are made of responsibilities, care, worries and guilt that sometimes, even putting together your everyday look takes an effort. It is when I started to simplify

— KEES was born.

 KEES was established on the 9th of February 2015.
I waited for that meaningful date as it was my late mother's birthday. After many years of celebrating with a heavy heart, I have found another reason to celebrate with great joy and fulfillment. KEES is my business, but it is also very personal to me.

 KEES was born from a desire to create a collection of seasonless, easy pieces. It is a collection that aims to inspire you to live simply, starting in your wardrobe. It is all about bringing simplicity into everyone's life by creating and curating designs that does not adhere to trends — useful & practical that you will want to wear over and over.

 KEES has grown from providing effortless pieces for women to creating genderless pieces for everyone — for all skin tones, shapes, sizes, ages, and genders.

It is important that everyone feel included in this brand.”

- Mikee Elago Venezuela, founder of Kees Collection




The brand mantra has been and always will be
“live simply”.

 Living simply personally means being content with less. Living with less in this age of excess so we can have more — more space, more time for what matters. It is finding beauty in simplicity and enjoying the effortlessness. It is a belief that a few good things make a simple life the best life.




“March 2020, my husband Niko and I finally decided to establish our own workshop. Starting Kees workshop makes us incredibly proud as we are able to connect and work closely with these amazing local artisans, every aspect of traditional shoemaking from start to finish. We are able to see how they crafted each pair with purity, creativity and thoughtfulness. We are able to give them a safe work environment and help their small families with fair trade.” - Mikee

 Handmade products differs from machine-made because it tells stories, told through silent workings of human hands. A lot of time, energy and love go into creating Kees products — every pair is one-of-a-kind — and its fair and reasonable price comes at a great cost for the people making it.

 Being conscious when it comes to the product you wear means understanding who are involve behind it and trust us, these products will never look the same once you know how and who made it.

 KEES is handmade with pride in a small village in the Philippines. A part of every purchase, a pair or a dozen, will support the small community and all the local resources we are currently creating.